Arrowtown bread thief sniffed out


The hunt for an Arrowtown bread thief has gone to the dogs.

Police have been investigating a suspected theft of $60 worth of specialty loaves from Arrowtown café Espresso Love after a delivery went missing early last Saturday morning.

Community constable Beth Fookes spent several hours reviewing the town’s CCTV camera footage to see if she could spot the thief.

But no one was acting suspiciously – until she noticed a black labrador reappearing in and out of one of the camera frames.

“All night this dog just runs around, with his tail in the air. He was on a mission,” Fookes says.

The dog leaves the vicinity with items in its mouth – which turned out to be 10 paninis, 10 French sticks, 10 doughnuts and 10 bagels. Even the receipt was missing.

Espresso Love owner Jacynda Wallace says she laughed when she learned a pilfering pooch was to blame.

“I thought it was pretty funny,” she says.

“I thought somebody had stolen it. But then you see on the video footage a dog coming out six or seven times with more stuff in its mouth.

“I guess it’s better than nobody stealing it – that there isn’t a thief round here, that’s the main thing.”

She’s baffled as to why the dog ate the bread.

“How could a dog eat that much bread? I don’t think it’s healthy for them. But I’ve heard from people that only labradors eat bread.”

She’s since asked her courier to deliver at a different time and put the bakery goods in an area out of prying paws.

Meanwhile, cops are still trying to track the dog down. Fookes has contacted the owners of three black labradors in Arrowtown but none of the dogs are believed to be the culprit.