Arrests after driver-less car prang


Police have charged two visitors who tried crash-starting their rental vehicle – with no one behind the wheel. 

The attempt by the pair of German tourists went horribly wrong and their car ended up hitting another. 

Acting sergeant Dan Andrew says the pair tried the crash-start on steep Brecon Street at 9.30am on Tuesday morning – but didn’t really think about how they were doing it. 

“They weren’t actually in the car at the time so it crashed into a parked car down the hill. 

“You’d have to wonder what they were thinking.” 

The pair has been charged with careless driving. 

A Chinese teenager who lost control of his rental car, crashed through a fence and killed a cow has been charged with dangerous driving. 

The 19-year-old man, holidaying in Queenstown, skidded on gravel on Glenorchy Paradise Road on Saturday. 

Sergeant Steve Watt says: “He attended the station to report the accident and was arrested and charged. He had intentions of continuing to drive during the holiday and then leaving the country.” 

An Invercargill couple suffered minor injuries after their car flipped twice in an accident on Queenstown-Glenorchy Rd last Sunday. 

A 42-year-old Glenorchy man travelling in the other direction had allegedly crossed over the centre line on a bend and clipped the corner of their car. 

The man was arrested and is likely to face charges. 

Police are also speaking to motorists involved in a crash on the corner of Athol and Shotover Sts on Tuesday night. 

One vehicle was driving down Shotover St towards Athol St, with its left indicator on at about 6pm. A driver pulling out of Athol St on to Shotover St thought the other driver was turning left so pulled out on to Shotover St – only to be collected by the indicating car. 

A 20-year-old local man has had a blood sample taken from him after he lost control of his car early yesterday morning. 

The man and another occupant were travelling towards Arthurs Point on Gorge Road at 2am when he lost control and crashed into a bank, causing the car to roll. Both occupants were uninjured. 

Meanwhile, a Kelvin Heights woman escaped injury after a giant sodden tree branch fell on to her car, smashing the windscreen. 

The woman was travelling away from Queenstown along State Highway 6 near the Events Centre on Monday at 8.30am when the tree branch fell on the road. Traffic was delayed for a short time. 

Turban-snatcher’s diversion 

A Scotsman who snatched a turban off a Sikh McDonald’s worker’s head has been given diversion. 

The man was also told to pay Jasmail Singh $500 but the victim refused the payment. 

The officer in charge of the case file was satisfied there was no racial motive and the charge of disorderly behaviour likely to cause violence was dropped. 

“The victim has been given the benefit of victim support,” senior constable Chris Blackford says. 

Singh, who spoke of his anger and humiliation in Mountain Scene last week, says he’s still unhappy. 

“He should appear in court. Police have been too lenient.” 

Fighting talk 

A 26-year-old local man has been arrested for assault and possession of cannabis early on Wednesday morning. 

“He followed a couple home from town, harassing them all the way back to their property. He was ordered off their property and it got physical,” acting sergeant Andrew says. 

Night walker 

Chinese tourists raised the alarm after a 55-year-old man failed to return from a walk on Frankton track. 

The man, who does not speak or read English, had set off at 5pm on Sunday night but had still not returned by 11pm despite torrential rain. 

Police found him wandering along Frankton track shortly before midnight after he had underestimated how long it would take to walk to Kelvin Heights golf course and back. 

“He was drenched,” Watt says. 

Stag-do dimwits 

An Auckland man was arrested after stealing a cabbie’s headrest while on a stag do. 

The 32-year-old man and his friends got into the taxi and taped up the camera before taking the headrest. 

But their perfect crime was foiled when they were found within minutes – walking around Queenstown CBD carrying the headrest. 

The man was given a pre-charge warning. 

Serious shoplifting operation 

Queenstown police have busted an Englishman allegedly responsible for an elaborate shoplifting spree – involving an accomplice and a getaway vehicle. 

Police nabbed a 26-year-old man on Tuesday afternoon following the public release of CCTV footage on the police Facebook page. 

The footage was posted after a man entered the Fresh Choice supermarket on Gorge Road at 9.40pm last Monday and half-filled a backpack with produce, including gourmet meats and sausages. 

The man ran off after being confronted by staff, and made a high-speed getaway in a red car with a spoiler that was parked outside the supermarket. 

Queenstown acting sergeant Dan Andrew says an Englishman was later located by an off-duty police officer and arrested. 

It’s alleged the man is also wanted for theft from The Warehouse in Dunedin. 

It’s understood the man will appear in court next week. 

Senior constable Blackford adds: “We have some good CCTV images.”