Apartment battlers get time to reload


Opponents of a planned apart­ment complex at Lake Hayes Estate are using a pause in proceedings to drum up more resistance.

Subdivision developer Mike Coburn’s company Lake Hayes Estate Ltd is applying for resource consent for Waterfall Terrace – “affordable housing” in seven two and three-level buildings – on the embankment entrance to the suburb. Lakes Environmental has put the application on hold – more geotechnical information is needed, a duty planner says.

This information – in the form of earthworks undertaken last Friday – led some residents to believe Coburn’s company was already starting the building process without permission.

Neighbouring resident Tom Hazlett was one of several people who called LE to query the earthworks. After learning the application is on hold, he and other opponents are drafting a letter and petition before the public hearing goes ahead.

They plan to talk to more residents to make them aware of the plans.

“Everyone I’ve talked to in the neighbourhood is against it,” Hazlett says.

His property won’t be directly affected by the development, but he’s worried about increased traffic volumes.

“Twelve units in there, 24 cars – it’s just going to congest things and cause an accident.

“You get kids cruising down there all the time on their skateboards, it’s just going to be a bit of a nightmare.

“The sections were sold to us as stand-alone properties and now it looks like they’re reneging on the deal and going to put units up there.”