A Queenstown bar operator says his duty manager was left shaken by an abusive anti-vaxxer who allegedly presented bogus paperwork last week.

The operator, who doesn’t want to be named for fear of reprisals, says the would-be patron tried to get in with an application form for a vaccine exemption that hadn’t been signed by a doctor.

Told she couldn’t be served, ‘‘she just lost it’’ and started ‘‘screaming and yelling’’ inside
the venue.

‘‘We didn’t have to physically remove her, she eventually ran out of steam and just left after a couple of minutes.’’

The operator says he since learned she’d been at the Wellington protest in front of  Parliament.

‘‘I think she’d gone up there, got all riled up and then ‘right, I’m going to show these buggers in Queenstown that we mean business’.’’

The operator says his duty manager was ‘‘certainly shaken up, just because it’s never nice to have someone standing in your face just screaming at you’’.