Angry drunk in assault


A Canadian chef who assaulted a woman with a metal flower pot has been sentenced to community detention. 

Tara Lynne McCrostie, 42, of Arawata Terrace, Fernhill, threw the flower pot at a bouncer after he refused her admission to a Queenstown bar because she was too drunk. 

The flower pot missed the doorman and hit an innocent bystander in the face. The victim suffered swelling and bruising after the assault in May this year. 

McCrostie pleaded guilty to assault with a weapon and was sentenced at Queenstown District Court on Monday to three months’ community detention, 18 months’ intensive supervision to combat her drinking problem and ordered to pay $400 for emotional harm to her victim. A curfew from 9pm to 7am was also imposed. 

Judge Michael Turner says: “Your violence and other convictions would indicate a severe issue with alcohol.” 

McCrostie has several previous convictions, including assaulting police, and is undergoing counselling for alcohol abuse. 

Thug done for assault 

A Queenstown man who kicked a woman in the face because she wouldn’t give him directions has been sentenced. 

Jonathan Peter Vaughan, 29, of Frankton Road, admitted kicking the 30-year-old mum during a night out in Dunedin in June. 

Contractor Vaughan, who has two previous convictions for assaulting women, was sentenced to three months’ community detention and 150 hours of community work. 

A curfew from 7pm to 6am was also imposed and he was ordered to pay $400 to his victim for emotional harm and $40 reparations. 

Judge Turner says the victim’s face was swollen and bruised for weeks, and she was angry and upset. 

“This was a vicious and unprovoked attack, a kick to the head of a defenceless woman sitting on a bench.” he says. 

Careless driver rap 

A Queenstown driver has been convicted of causing a crash which injured an elderly woman – who died two months later. 

Kathryn Sarah Butler, 27, of Whitechapel Road, Crown Terrace, pleaded guilty to careless driving after the April crash. 

Butler, a computer technician, had failed to spot a car, which was carrying 84-year-old Margaret Shave, before pulling out of a junction. The oncoming car ploughed into Butler’s driver’s side door. Shave suffered three fractured ribs and later died in hospital. 

Pathologists say the crash “may well have” shortened her life but it was not the cause and Butler was told Shave’s family bore her no ill will. 

Butler was fined $650 and costs, ordered to pay $2100 reparations and banned from the road for seven months, at Queenstown District Court on Monday. 

Judge Michael Turner says: “It is the level of carelessness that needs to be focused on, rather than the consequences,” adding it was a momentary lapse of concentration. 

Drug charges dropped 

All charges have been dropped against a Queenstown woman accused of being linked to a major drugs ring. 

The woman had faced six charges of possession of methamphetamine for supply. The charges were laid as part of Operation Moses, targeting supply of the drug, known as ‘P’. 

Police have determined there is insufficient evidence against the woman, who has been granted permanent name