And this year at Cans?…


Queenstown families are invited to get involved in a quirky take on a prestigious international film festival. 

Next Wednesday’s nationwide Cans Film Festival will be held at the local Reading Cinemas in a bid to raise canned food for Queenstown Salvation Army’s food bank. 

It will be the first time in several years since Queenstown has been involved in the annual charitable event, which plays on the name of France’s famous Cannes International Film Festival. 

Individuals bring along at least one item of canned food in exchange for a movie ticket. Movie-goers can pick up as many tickets as they like – so long as they match it with cans. 

Spaces are limited to 300 over the three family movies being screened as part of the initiative – Poppers, Zookeeper and Spy Kids. Tickets went on “exchange” on Tuesday. 

Queenstown Reading Cinema complex manager Rebekah Moore says she wants families to support the event to encourage people to “get back to the movies”. 

“It’s an opportunity for people to come to the movies that ordinarily may not do that sort of thing,” she says.
Local Salvation Army community worker Blair McKenzie says it’s a wonderful thing to get involved in. 

“It’s a win-win. It helps families go to the movies that perhaps may not normally go and it’s helping the Salvation Army community food bank, which has had a really hard year,” he says. 

“The food bank has been hard-hit with the influx of people from Christchurch after the earthquake, from NZSki workers during winter and in general, with the economic climate.” 

Moore hopes people will bring along more than one can each to get behind the cause. 

“If we get enough community support then we’ll look at doing it every year.” 

Details about movie times are at Reading Cinemas.