And look who’s playing bad girl


It’s not just local scenery playing a part in the $10m movie Tracker, being shot round Queenstown and Glenorchy.

Born and bred Queenstowner Jodie Hillock is playing the film’s only female character – ironically, her scenes were shot in an Auckland studio.

Hillock, 27, says she plays a prostitute hired by Kiwi star Temuera Morrison’s character.

“It’s good because it’s very tasteful, it’s just the aftermath, so to speak.

“Then something happens and [Morrison’s character] has to bolt and the rest of the movie is [British actor] Ray Winstone’s [character] tracking him.”

Hillock, who graduated from the New Zealand Drama School in 2006 and now lives in Auckland, says she also played a scene with Winstone during her four-day shoot, “which was amazing”.

She wore a Victorian costume, including a corset, for the film which is set in 1903.

Hillock was recently seen on TV in the drama Until Proved Innocent, based on a crusade to free wrongly-imprisoned David Dougherty.

In 2007, she won the award for “most promising female newcomer of the year” in the annual Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards.