America’s next top brolly?…


The cast and crew of hit reality show America’s Next Top Model dot down at Queenstown Airport at 10am – and the circus begins.

They bypass the airport building and head for an exit close to the tarmac.

Trying to stop the baying press pack last Friday is an army of ANTM crew members wielding umbrellas to shield from prying eyes the few models still in the running.

A brolly-wielding woman in the entourage calls for reinforcements.

She barks at a TV journalist: “I can’t touch your camera, you can’t touch my umbrella. Don’t!”

When our snapper tells one of the crew to settle down, he’s told: “Nah, it’s LA rules.”

Finally, someone famous appears – without being covered up. It isn’t host Tyra Banks but ANTM judge Jay Manuel.

Manuel has a quick word with Mountain Scene before ducking into a luxury car: “Do you live here? This is gorgeous. It’s very cool.”

They head to Paradise past Glenorchy in a convoy.

Signs for a bogus commercial called Green Apple point the way to the ANTM set.

However, getting close enough for photos means some commando-like crawling through bush.

We later drive straight on to the set then walk to within five metres of the model’s make-up tent, before someone shouts: “Who the hell are these guys?”.

Our photo request is declined and we’re politely asked to leave – “immediately”.