Airport’s bid


Queenstown Airport Corporation (QAC) is calling on the district council to limit new developments as it continues a public consultation on plans to expand its noise boundaries.

QAC made a submission to a hearings panel considering the council’s proposed district plan (PDP) this week.

It wants to stop landowners intensifying development, leading to more activities sensitive to aircraft noise (ASAN).

Last week, QAC announced plans to extend both its air noise boundary further into surrounding Frankton, and its outer noise boundary to cover large residential areas.

By 2045, the number of flights and passengers could almost double.

Some residents say the noise levels are already too high and the current number of flights is intrusive, others maintain noise is a fact of life near an airport.

Wakatipu Aero Club founding member Henry Kramer, who lives in Frankton, suggests one way it could be mitigated though: “When there is no wind, all flights should take-off from the other end of the runway, away from Frankton.”

QAC highlighted the New Zealand standards on airport noise management, which recommends all new residential activities, schools, hospitals and ASAN within an air noise boundary should be banned.

They also recommend developments shouldn’t be allowed within an airport’s outer control noise boundary unless a district plan permits it.

The consultation closes on August 20.