Adventure tourism beauties get kit off for Christchurch


A group of saucy Queenstown adventure workers have got their kit off for Christchurch. 

About 20 river surfing and canyoning guides have joined office staff from resort tourism centre Destination Glenorchy to pose in a fun calendar for quake relief. 

Titled Wakatipu Beauties, the collection of snaps shows the brave girls and guys going native in the great outdoors around Queenstown. 

“With the type of characters we have in guiding, it made sense to do something fun and make people laugh,” Destination Glenorchy sales boss Emma Hanley, who is the calendar’s Miss August, says. 

“If we can also raise money for a good cause then all the better.” 

She adds: “Some of the shots were a bit close to the mark so a few stray items had to be taken out or touched up.” 

The quirky $10 calendars – which run from July 2011 to June next year – are available from the Destin­ation Glenorchy store in Camp Street.