Adventure thrill hits a new level


The Queenstown operator of the world’s highest cliff jump tomorrow opens what it’s calling its best jump yet. 

Shotover Canyon Swing has created ‘The Slide’ – a flat aluminium chute which launches jumpers at much higher speed than normal. From there, there’s the activity’s usual 60-metre freefall followed by a 200 m swing at 150kmh over Queenstown’s Shotover River. 

The idea stemmed after jump masters became excited about a children’s plastic slide that Canyon Swing general manager Matt Hollyer brought to the jumping platform. 

“After a lot of testing on our in-house ‘lab rats’ – otherwise known as the sales and marketing team – we’re pretty sure by the scream decibel level this is the best way to jump we’ve found yet,” Hollyer says.
“It’s a real sensory experience, especially if you go for the ultimate slide ‘The Abattoir’ – you slide off lying headfirst on your back like a piece of meat at the freezing works,” Hollyer says. 

Jumpers can also choose the ‘Slide and Fly where you slide forwards lying on your stomach or the ‘Butt and Slide’ – the classic on-your- bottom technique. 

‘The Slide’ is one of 70 jump styles now on offer.