Acting tips for Wakatipu High teens


Wakatipu High thespians are being coached on how to become stars during the school holidays.

Twelve local school kids are learning the tricks of the acting trade from Fiona Forrest, programme manager of Southland’s Sir Anthony Hopkins School of Dramatic Arts. She’s running free acting classes put on by Southern Institute of Technology.

Forrest can’t speak highly enough of the local talent she’s seen so far during classes running from 9am – 3pm at the Remarkables Park campus.

“I’ve been very impressed at the artistic creativity that’s pouring out of them. They’re highly focused, very disciplined, very energized, motivated and driven.”

During their week-long experience, students are producing a reel called QT News – a full bulletin on the resort’s news.

The course isn’t all about being in front of the camera – the students learn how to direct, edit, format footage and even dabble in some script writing.

“There are growing opportunities in the Wakatipu Basin with film companies coming in. Because of that, I’m going through auditioning techniques and marketing themselves as professional actors so they get an understanding of the art industry,” Forrest says.