Accused sex attacker wants bail, cops oppose freedom


A 20-year-old Queens­towner who allegedly sexually attacked two local female friends faces another bail hearing tomorrow.

The casual labourer, arrested on April 21, faces charges of man assaults female and sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection following two incidents four days beforehand.

Police say the man met the two women, aged 19 and 23, about 8pm at an accommodation block behind Frankton Arm Tavern.

The first assault, which local detective Lisa Watt says had “sexual overtones”, involved the 23-year-old victim at about 8.30pm.

“He followed the second [19-year-old] victim while she was walking back to her address and then this second incident has taken place [about 10.30pm],” Watt says.

The two women complained to police over Easter.

Fellow detective Grant Miller says the pair were “not injured as such” in the incidents.

Watt says police will continue to oppose bail at tomorrow’s Invercargill hearing “on the grounds of the complaints, and what he has admitted to or said in his [police] interview and [in the] public interest”.

Unlawful sexual connection carries a maximum sentence of 20 years imprisonment and that of male assaults woman, two years jail.