Absolutely shickered


Police took ‘‘complete issue’’ with submissions made on behalf of a woman who admitted
to driving with an abhorrent breath alcohol level earlier this month.

Fernhill dancer Athena Turner, 44, was processed for driving with a breath alcohol level
of 1052mcg — more than four times the legal limit — on May 4.

In Queenstown’s court last Monday, prosecutor Ian Collin said at 7.29pm police were called following a complaint about the manner of Turner’s driving at Strawberry Lane.

She initially denied driving, but said she’d been out for the night and had knocked back
half a bottle of wine.

Her lawyer, Bryony Shackell, said Turner didn’t drive home but once there worried about where her vehicle was parked in the lane.

Trying to be ‘‘courteous’’ to her neighbour, she moved it about five metres, damaging a
fence in the process.

She thought her neighbour contacted police to report that.

But Collin took ‘‘complete issue’’ with that version of events, having a statement from the
person who followed her driving ‘‘in an extremely poor manner’’ home and had spoken to her.

Judge John Brandts-Giesen disqualified her from driving for eight months, sentenced her to 12 months’ supervision and ordered her to do 100 hours’ community work.