A-OK for Oakley


Queenstown’s now home to the only Oakley shop in the South Island – and the only other store in New Zealand outside Auckland.

Last week the sports equipment giant opened up in one half of the old Whitcoulls building on upper Beach Street – the other half remains vacant.

Aussie and Kiwi retail boss Eric Sinkovec says the American-based company’s been eyeing up Queenstown for a while.

“It was a good year of trying to find the right spot, we didn’t want to jump in and be anywhere – so yeah, patience and persistence hopefully paid off.”

The store will stock Oakley’s full complement, including eyewear, a year-round goggle wall, apparel, luggage bags, snow helmets and cycling helmets, once they’ve been launched.

A service called Oakley Custom will also be available – that lets shoppers digitally design the entire style and look of their eyewear and then have it made on the spot.

Sinkovec reckons Queenstown is the perfect match for Oakley.

“It kind of goes back to what we represent as a brand and I think just year-round [in Queenstown] there’s been the mountain biking, the snowboarding, the golf and the skiing and it’s just everything our brand represents.”

The store will have about 10 staffers, give or take a few depending on the season, with only three permanent full-timers.

Oakley’s two other NZ stores are in Auckland.