A locals’ party for the ages


Organisers of a party for long-time locals are overwhelmed with the response they’ve had.

Almost 400 people have registered for the September 27 function at Queenstown Memorial Centre.

Anyone who lived in town before 1990 is invited to attend.

Chris Campbell, who’s organising the function alongside Simon Hayes, says “it’s gone viral”, with many responding to a

Many locals, they’ve discovered, have lost touch with each other, so see September 27 as a chance for an overdue catch-up.

“We’re bringing them together and rounding them up,” Campbell says.

Attendees will include an impressive number of out-of-town, bygone locals from as far away as Dubai.

The function starts 4.30pm – attendees are asked to bring a plate, in the time-honoured tradition, and a piece of memorabilia.

To register, email chris.campbell@bayleys.co.nz.

Admission’s $15 a head, with any proceeds going to Queenstown Lakes Family Centre.

Once the event’s over, Campbell says he and Hayes will organise another one – “this is not a one-off”.