*555 calls revealed


Transcripts of *555 calls reveal the hair-raising antics of drivers and passengers in and around Queenstown.

Law-abiding motorists are not only witnessing dodgy passing manoeuvres on blind corners and vehicles stopped on highway overtaking lanes - but one driver witnessed a person peeing from the window of a van.

After an Official Information Act request, police released to Mountain Scene the between December 2013 and August 2014.

The most gobsmacking is from an incident on State Highway 6 between Kingston and Queenstown on January 25 last year.

The complainant, a tour bus driver, tells the police communications call taker: “Right now there’s a guy out of the window of a Toyota Hiace van up to about his knees taking a piss as we’re doing, well I’m doing about 70kmh at the moment.”

The bus driver adds: “He was out there for a good couple of minutes.”

He was the second person in the van to relieve themselves out the window.

The previous month, on December 10, a caller complains about a Toyota Camry rental car overtaking twice on blind corners on the same stretch of road.