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Queenstown Bay toilet block to be replaced

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Work starts next Monday on a $450,000 replacement lakefront toilet block for downtown Queenstown’s Earnslaw Park.

A tender’s been let to Amalgamated Builders for a 10-unit toilet block and small kiosk.

Going: The Earnslaw Park toilets are to be replaced
A council recommendation to let the kiosk for South American pasties, or empanadas, is out for public comment till March 15.

Three trees in the vicinity will be removed this week to make way for construction.

Queenstown Lakes District Council community services boss Paul Wilson says the council’s received significant feedback, particularly in recent years, that the 29-year-old toilet block needs to be replaced.

“I’m confident the end result will be a quantum improvement in this high-profile location.

“We realise that the construction project will cause some disruption to visitors, residents and businesses and we will be doing all we can to minimise the disruption and ensure the project is completed on time for the opening of the Winter Festival in June.”

Temporary toilets will be available on site till after Easter.

The grass area of Earnslaw Park will be renewed after the Winter Games in August.

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holy s**t
log-gistically speaking, $450,000 is crapload of money to flush on a new shitter

so lets do some maths, 10 toilets at $450,000 that works out at $45,000 per toilet. Seems to me that number 2s are number 1 business

I must be doing the wrong business here
26 Feb 2013 10:16AM robbo
Game of Thrones?
I agree with you Solid Flatulence - Nice of you to 'log in'
21 Feb 2013 12:40PM tobybear
This is glorious
South-Island towns are notorious for their sub-standard sanitation facilities. It's high time Queenstown put itself on the map by flying the brown banner, loud and proud. The price might seem steep, but the reputation earned thereby will justify the council's reputation 100%, and put a stop to the dire earful we hear about our poo receptacles. I, for one, welcome our new lavatory overlords!
21 Feb 2013 12:35PM solid_flatulence
A big jobby
I assume for that amount of money that will include a full time washroom attendant... they could also run the food stall at the same time as long as they wash their hands in between jobs.

Has anyone thought about just painting the existing one and saving the sackful of money for something more deserving. I would like to see the quote for the new toilet block, I'm assuming council will take their $170,000 cut for consent?
21 Feb 2013 10:56AM redbastard
Rage Against the Latrine?
I don't see why there's such a stink about this.

Surely a fast food joint would be an excellent addition to Earnslaw Park, and having it near the toliet is only logical, as patrons could then 'drop their kids off at the pool'.

Can't believe people are poo-pooing this idea.
21 Feb 2013 10:41AM tobybear
If you have a gripe
Then raising it on the Mountain Scene website is hardly the place. This has been in the pipeline for a long time, you had your chance to voice your opinion then, sadly, it's now too late.

It isn't, however, too late to voice your opinion in relation to the $450,000 toilet also housing a fastfood joint. If you don't want a takeaway joint in the middle of Earnslaw Park then you need to write to a submission, you can email it, write it, it can be a one liner. Send this:
I oppose the fastfood establishment in Earnslaw Park and then if you have any reasons write them - then email it to services@qldc.govt.nz
21 Feb 2013 08:52AM Patron
priorities need to be sorted!!
I think Queenstown mental health centre would be better of with this money or part there of with a down scaled luxury toilet block! might even save a tree or 2
21 Feb 2013 08:46AM jimmy697
A potty idea
Now i'm not one to cause a stink, but this idea is clearly a number two. I don't think I have ever been more than 30ft from a toilet in the whole of Queenstown. Is there really rife problem with people caught short and in need of classier loo?

I'm not privy to the council budget and i'm all for spending a penny, but they must be feeling flush to drop nearly 500k on slightly less crappy crappers. Unless of course they are thinking some nice pebble-dashing or perhaps a log fire?

I know a lot of government workers spend a lot of time on the can, and no doubt this idea floated up whilst on the throne, but the rest of us have more important things on our minds and I for one am quite happy with the bog standard bogs we already have.
21 Feb 2013 01:10AM bamroberts
Royal Flush
Nice to see a hi-spec toilet. Perhaps we could get the thrones with the inspection shelves, and maybe a squatting stall to embrace the multiculturalism of Queenstown?

Whatever the case, looks like it's making a splash already.
20 Feb 2013 05:44PM tobybear

But can anyone tell me why a toilet block costs the same as a 3 bedroom house?
20 Feb 2013 03:46PM kernow
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