Representing Arrowtown: Heath Copland and daughter Beatrix

It is my absolute privilege to be representing the people of Arrowtown on Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC), as the incoming councillor for the Arrowtown ward, for the next electorate term.

I’m excited to find out who the other councillors are going be after the voting closes this weekend.

During my time on the council I intend to ensure the future of our district is pursued in a sustainable manner that we can all be proud of. I understand the unique challenges we currently face here in the Lakes district. I also see the potential in harnessing the associated opportunities for the whole district to prosper.

I believe I have the required skillset to represent the Arrowtown community on QLDC. I am open-minded, logical and rely on common sense to make decisions. I have a young daughter, and my focus while I’m on the council will be safeguarding the future for her generation.

In Arrowtown we have significant environmental issues that need to be addressed. Working with Otago Regional Council, I’m confident we can improve our winter air quality, and I’d like to see zero breaches over the national air quality standards.

The same can be said for the water quality in our district. It should be our right and the right of our children to be able to swim in the lakes any day of the year. Our water supply and wastewater management should be the envy of the rest of the country.

For the wider district there are several issues that require attention – growth, transport, affordable housing, to mention the most urgent ones.

I can’t go into detail on these with limited space, but if anyone has concerns, or ideas on these issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

As a councillor I intend to make myself available to the people of Arrowtown, and the Lakes district. My contact details are available on the QLDC website and I encourage anyone who has questions on the council process, or any issues in Arrowtown, to get in contact.

I look forward to being your councillor for the next term.