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Welcome to the online print edition of Queenstown’s favourite newspaper. Mountain Scene is now viewable as an interactive PDF – which means you can jump from section to section with just a click of your mouse. Using the convenient navigation tool bar at the top of each page, you can quickly access different sections of the paper without having to turn a page. What’s more, you can click on any ad with a url and be taken to that company’s website.



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Weekly Link
Hi, I would also appreciate a weekly email sent out with a link to your epaper. It was my expectation on joining that this would happen as I ticked a box asking that very question.
- and if The Mirror can sort it I'm sure Mountain Scene can too!
17 Jul 2016 01:34PM Kstamers
If possible, in the near future, can you make it possible to read your online version off a smartphone or tablet rather than just a PC. Some of us only have this accessible and am really missing reading the Mountain Scene.
09 Dec 2015 01:21PM Matt10
Weekly link
How can I get a weekly automatic email with a link to the print edition please ?

21 Oct 2015 01:12PM godboutandre@gmail.com
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