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Jetstar canning Queenstown-Wellington service

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Jetstar is cancelling its Queenstown-Wellington service from September 1.

The budget carrier had earlier cut back its service between the two centres from seven days a week to four.

Axed: Jetstar is cancelling its Queenstown-Wellington service.

Jetstar says it’s made the decision so it can redeploy aircraft on the Auckland-Christchurch route.

Queenstown Airport Corporation chief executive Scott Paterson says while Jetsar’s cutback is disappointing, it’s not a major setback.

Till the end of August there’ll be up to 17 weekly Queenstown-Wellington flights, says.

And the two centres will still be accessible following Air New Zealand’s recent announcement that it’s increasing capacity by 44 per cent.

“As well as increasing its Queenstown schedule over the last couple of years, Jetstar has brought competition to our market,” Paterson says.

Jetstar had also recently added extra capacity to its Auckland-Queenstown route and increased services to the resort from both Melbourne and Sydney.

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Jetstar pulls out another route
Just when Queenstown started getting competitive fares around New Zealand because of Jetstar's presence, they start cancelling the options. So now we will only be left with flights to Auckland at a reasonable price. How long till we get hung out to dry on that one as well?? A big step backwards for locals and tourists!
12 Jun 2013 08:46PM sharee
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