Flying solo


Christchurch crooner Jed Parsons reckons there are a few benefits to going on tour solo.

“There’s a lot more room on the private jet, you don’t have to share all those seats with anybody,” he laughs.

The 26-year-old indie-pop muso returns to the resort for a gig at Queenstown’s Sherwood on Saturday night.

It’s part of a tour to promote his album, Midnight Feast, which he describes as “eclectic”.

“It’s pretty outrageous at times.”

Outrageous it might be, but it’s also racked up the hits on Spotify.

Album closer She’s Okay is the standout, with more than 585,000 plays.

Other highlights on the album include the opener Real World, and the blues-driven I Need Her.

“I’ve been living with this collection of songs for a number of years. It’s been such a massive process because I’ve been so focused on releasing something that is a completely genuine representation of me, both as a person and a musician” he says.

While he usually tours with a band, he’s hitting the road solo this time around.

“You can strip the songs right back to their bare bones.

“But it’s a little less fun without your silly bandmates to tell jokes to.”

He last played here in October, as the opening act for New Zealand music heavyweight Don McGlashan.

“That was amazing, he’s such an icon,” he gushes.

“It was a privilege to share the stage with him.”

It’s a big leap for Parsons, who decided at an early age he wanted to perform music full-time as it was the only thing he was “passionate” about.

“I went to jazz school for three years, and the best thing about that was that you’re around music 24/7,” he says.

“You realise it’s not all skittles and beer, there’s also a lot of hard work.”

That focus on work ethic’s clearly paid off – he might be touring Midnight Feast, but he’s already looking ahead to his next project.

“I’m looking at the next collection of songs, gathering a few bits and bobs to make the next album, which will probably be some time next year.”

To catch Jed Parsons, head to Sherwood, Saturday, 8.30pm,