Every dog has its day

The boys play Queenstown today

DJ duo Grzegorz Demianczuk and Wojciech Taranczuk put their stage name down to animal instinct.

Catz ‘N Dogz are playing Queenstown today, their first shindig in the resort.

Demianczuk says the story behind the name is a bit long-winded but comes down to him acting like a dog while Taranczuk has feline traits.

The Polish pair met through mates and have been gigging together for 10-odd years.

Their career intro was throwing parties at home, before being picked up by a local radio station.

Demianczuk describes film scores as one of his biggest influences. As a youngster in the ‘80s it was one avenue to hear decent music, something that was rare in Szczecin, about 15 minutes’ drive from the German border.

It’s just one element that can be heard in their house tracks. Italian disco, new romantic and European techno-rave also feature.

“We don’t like to stick to only one genre when we produce but also when we DJ. Right now most of our track ideas are coming to us when we travel, that’s the time when we get the most inspired.”

In addition to regular European tours, the pair play in the United States and this is their third Aussie tour.

While New Zealand has been on the wish-list for a while, it’s their first Kiwi tour. Demianczuk admits seeing the world is a perk of the job.

He thinks it is inspiring meeting fans and “music heads” when they play new venues.
They’ve planned to stay in NZ for a few extra days to explore.

The duo, who have their own aptly-named record label Pets Recordings, say Queenstowners are in for a treat.

Demianczuk: “[We’ve] a lot of unreleased stuff, lots of new and old music, definitely good-quality house and techno music.

“We spend so much time looking for good records and we have so much music to play that we are definitely going to prepare something special.”

Demianczuk admits some of their best stuff has been impromptu.

“Since the beginning we were trying not to complicate and over-think the production as then we would lose the inspiration and the best tracks we do usually very quickly.”

Catch Catz ‘N Dogz as the next instalment of Electric Rush, also featuring local DJ Ribera, Barmuda, today, 4pm. R18. Tickets from $20