Comedy couple


Putting on 27 comedy shows around the country might sound like a gruelling task, but as Jeremy Elwood points out, at least you don’t have to worry about whether there’s milk at home.

Elwood is hitting the road with his wife and fellow comedian, Michele A’Court, on a nationwide tour that includes a stop at Queenstown’s Sherwood this weekend.

The pair are New Zealand comedy veterans, known for being regular guests on Radio New Zealand’s The Panel, popping up on TV shows such as 7 Days and The Project, and co-writing a weekly newspaper column.

The tour is organised by Arts on Tour NZ, which aims to bring shows to smaller venues around the country.

Elwood tells Mountain Scene the show will feature two stand-up sets — one each — as well as social commentary, politics, and personal anecdotes.

“We tend to look at similar things from slightly different views,’’ he says.

“I was born in Canada so I look at things with a world-view, whereas Michele grew up here.’’

They’ve toured together before but “not for a few years’’.

“We’re both so busy, we’ve kind of been like ships in the night, so it’s great.’’

The extensive tour takes the pair from Akaroa, where they started out last Friday, right through to Whanganui on March 9.

“Like anybody we have regular lives, but when you go on tour you’re just thinking about getting to the next destination,’’ Elwood says.

“You’re writing on stage or in the car on the way to the next place, that’s all you’re thinking about.

“You’re not thinking about if there’s milk at home, or all the day-to-day crap.

“It’s a nice release in that way.’’

He says the material can change from night to night — “I can tell you what I’m doing on Friday, but probably not beyond that’’.

It also changes from place to place, with Elwood trying to include a local story everywhere he performs.

“There are some things we will do every night because we like them.

“If we stop enjoying them, that’s when we’ll stop doing it.’’

To catch Jeremy Elwood and Michele A’Court, head to Sherwood, Sunday, 8pm, $27.10