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Giants’ dream run

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Wakatipu Giants centre Taika Brooks
Wakatipu Giants centre Taika Brooks (pictured) makes one of many strong breaks during a whopping 114-4 victory against City-Invercargill last Sunday. 

Player-of-the-day Brooks scored three tries and set up another five during the defeat against the winless Invercargill club. 

Giants vice-president Teaukura Moetaua says he’s been told his side’s score is a record for club league. He puts it down to new players. 

“There’s some real good talent this year, probably a few more players than last year. We’ve got a new coach Tau Arona on board as well. They just seem to be playing better as a team.” 

The Giants play Invercargill side Lonestar-Cowboys in Invercargill this Sunday.

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