Vandalised: Someone recently peeled back the new 'Fortune Cove' sign to reveal part of the original Bob's Cove sign - the sign's since been removed

A Queenstown developer’s ruffling feathers with her bid to rename a well-established local landmark.

Janine Twose is trying to replace the name of Bob’s Cove, where she’s developing her GlenTui Heights sub-division, with its lesser-known name, Fortune Cove.

Both names honour Bob Fortune, who worked as a boatman for Queenstown founder William Rees.

She recently covered over a ‘Welcome to Bobs Cove’ sign, on her land alongside the Glenorchy Road, with the words, ‘Nau Mai Welcome to Fortune Cove’.

Last weekend, someone started peeling back the new sign, so Twose ditched it altogether.

Twose says that sign was only temporary, to coincide with a section release, and she’s having a steel ‘Fortune Cove’ sign made instead.

Long-time local Sue Farry, whose property, ‘Punatapu’, is Bob’s Cove’s Maori name, says various neighbours have been asking why Twose wants to change their area’s name.

“I don’t mind if she calls her development Fortune Cove, she can call it what she likes, I think the location of the sign was the problem for people.

“I think there has to be some reverence paid to the history of the place because every book you pick up, every document, it’s ‘Bob’s Cove nature reserve’.

“There’s literally hundreds of people at Department of Conservation’s office every day, so you come along the road and see ‘Fortune Cove’.

“Well, where’s Bob’s Cove?”

Another Bob’s Cover, Simone Flight, says: “By all accounts now on Google there’s reference to Fortune, but it’s been known for generations as Bob’s Cove.

“To be fair, I think it’s driven more by identifying the land from a commercial perspective, not taking into account what the local lore is.

“It’s just a bit confusing to everyone why out of the blue you would attempt to change the name of, frankly, a suburb of Queenstown.

“I have nothing against Janine, I think she’s done beautiful things with the subdivision.

“They work on a sense of community, but this goes against the grain of trying to build a sense of community.”

Twose responds: “It’s always been called Fortune Cove or Bob’s Cove, I’m not naming it differently.”

She notes that one of her subdivision’s roads is Bob Fortune Way – “maybe I might start calling it ‘Bob Fortune Cove’, and that might pacify a few people”.