Wall-to-wall luxury moves in


New Zealand’s superstar realtor is making moves into the Queenstown markets.

Aucklander Graham Wall sells houses to billionaires and millionaires.

Now he needs someone locally to show buyers around the houses in the district.

His witty recruitment ad, which he penned himself, can be found in the jobs pages of this paper.

The attributes needed are “zero experience in real estate, zero experience in sales” and “the ability to do exactly what they say they will do”.

“We pay generously and will likely throw in a Range Rover,” it says.

Wall’s behind the country’s largest ever residential sale – the $39 million Auckland Mark Hotchin mansion which sold to businessman Deyi Shi in 2013.

He was also realtor for the second largest – a $24m Herne Bay home.

And, locally, he sold the ‘plasma’ house on Belfast Terrace, Queenstown Hill, to German-American billionaire venture capitalist Peter Thiel.

Thiel co-founded PayPal and had the first major investor money into Facebook.

Wall says: “Even though no one knows us in Queenstown, we’ve actually done a lot of business down there and in Wanaka.

“We sold Damper Bay, probably the most expensive sale ever in Wanaka, for $14m about six months ago.

“Quite a few transactions and almost all of them with wealthy Americans.”

Wall says his small family firm, with sons Andrew and Ollie, has been offered a $20m property and another couple down here.

They trade on their confidentiality and ability to look at the location with “fresh eyes”.

“We’ve sold probably the four most expensive properties on Waiheke Island and we don’t really have a presence there, don’t have an office there. So it allows us to see it in a similar way to our clients.”

That worked well for Damper Bay.

“People thought it was like being on the Desert Road, but you turn up there with a jaded billionaire from San Francisco and it’s ‘oh my God, I could have a house here and not see anything except lakes and mountains – the best thing on earth and for $US10m.”

Wall’s Queenstown job ad says: “We need someone part-time, well-presented, just a really smart person who treats the girl at the supermarket checkout the same way they’d treat Peter Thiel.”