Transport group set in motion


A new transport super-group is set to take a hands-on approach to sorting out Queenstown traffic woes.

Unreliable public transport and traffic congestion have been constant bugbears in recent years.

NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) is developing a travel demand management plan for the resort, and it’s likely to include the formation of a travel management association.

One member of that will be Chamber of Commerce chief executive Anna Mickell, who says public transport is the number one issue chamber members want fixed.

She says the group will take an umbrella approach, bridging the gaps between the different organisations responsible for transport in the resort and ensuring the user experience is at the forefront.

To keep the community at the centre of discussions, Mickell’s bringing together people from local residents’ associations to be involved.

“We have to wrestle this out of government giving us something.”

She says part of the group’s mission will be to keep NZTA and local councils accountable, rather than letting them point the finger at each other.

It’s also about achieving mode shift – getting people out of cars and on to other modes of transport.

The plan, which may be eligible for NZTA funding under a “rapid targeted intervention work stream”, is being finalised and will be submitted for funding consideration within the next month or so, she says.