Some things to ponder over your Chrissy BBQs …


Nik Kiddle putting his hand up for DQ CEO job?

Or will Norm Thompson come out of retirement?

Ooooh, maybe Ann Lockhart and Graham Budd will do a job swap?!

Chances of a Queenstown flood to welcome in the next decade?

Likelihood of Queenstown Airport and City Hall making everyone in the community happy?

How much you wanna bet the queue for Fergburger stretches the length of Shotover Street, to Camp St, at some point in the next four weeks?


Can the $2 buses be on time during the manic period?

If you want to know where your’s is, visit and you can live-track the sucker.

How many people are going to start their year with a court appearance ‘cos they can’t handle their booze?

Or ‘cos they decided to get wasted and, idiotically, drive?

Taxis (and buses) are cheaper than funerals, just FYI.

Award for saddest municipal Christmas decorations in NZ goes to us?

About those lights on the Village Green Chrissy tree … gonna fix the issues in time for Christmas 2020?

The Pig & Whistle Pub deck upgrade: longest deck upgrade in Queenstown’s history?

Council CEO Mike Theelen to run the full Queenstown Marathon next year? (Go on, Mike, do it!)

Jim Boult for the half?

Those lights on the roundabout at Five Mile/Queenstown Central, just there for decoration?

Given all the lobbying Hamish Walker’s done to get Lumsden Maternity Centre reinstated, chances of Baby Walker arriving roadside? (Seriously, we do NOT want this to happen, but if it does, Hamish … you know who to call for the exclusive!)

Likelihood of Walker getting a request for immigration help while he’s driving Penny to hospital?

Tracey’s a great name for a baby, just saying.

How “early” in 2020 before the Lake Hayes Estate-Queenstown bus starts running?

You reckon City Hall might consider moving the new rubbish bins by the Stanley Street bus stops so all those handy-dandy racks for skis and snowboards might be easily accessible in winter?

Chances of Alastair Porter lodging consent for his convention centre (and/or hospital, and/or gondola) in 2020?

It’s just that Scoop needs a venue for his 65th birthday party.

Impending Lime scooter chaos. Discuss.

You think they’ll get on to those CBD street upgrades next year?

Or that arterial route?

Estimate of the number of people who’ll drive down the one-ways the wrong way?

Or get confuddled around the roundabouts?

PSA: Indicators aren’t there for decoration.

How many photos can you send us of ludicrous parking? (Actually, can you send them in, please?)

Will freedom campers have some respect this summer, or shit in the woods again?

Getting kicked out of your rental after 11 months so the owners can move in for three weeks over summer?

Price gouging your Airbnb over summer so you don’t have to worry about the mortgage repayments for a while?

Haven’t had to pay your mortgage at all ‘cos Airbnb’s got you covered?

Paying the right rates?

How many people are going to hurt their cars in the KFC drive-thru entrance?

Or take out that world-famous-in-NZ signpost on ‘KFC corner’?

AJ Mason: best track record of any councillor in our history?

Those potholes on Gorge Road ever going to be fixed?

White Christmas for Queenstown?

Where’s McDonald’s going to go when Skyline starts its O’Connell’s upgrade?

How many of those new hotels going for resource consent will actually be built?

Will Otago Regional Council come to the party and save our ferry?

St Paddy’s Day booze ban on the way?

Shall we all start calling Scoop ‘Philip’ next year?

How many people are going to have sworn off booze “for good” by January 5 – and be thirsty again by the 9th?

Estimations on how long it’ll take to drive from Queenstown to Frankton over the next couple of weeks?

About that visitor levy … likelihood of it being in place before next year’s general election?

Also, what about that story alleging Allied Press wasn’t going to appoint a new Mountain Scene editor … that’s what we call #fakenews.