Remedial works under way at Kmart site


Dominion Constructors Ltd cut steel reinforcing bars between the concrete panel walls and foundations at the Kmart construction site in Queenstown, Queenstown Lakes District Council has confirmed.

The council says this is  of “obvious concern” and it will not approve public use of the building until it’s satisfied that the issues have been “fully rectified”.

Dominion was issued with a “Notice to Fix” by the council on August 21, requiring them to solve problems on the site.

The 4000 square metre mega-store was expected to open tomorrow but is now due to open on October 18.

QLDC building control inspections team leader Jonathan Shaw confirmed today that remedial works are underway at the site.

“The QLDC Building Services team investigated and then issued the Notice as soon as we were made aware of these construction issues,” he says.

Dominion Constructors and Queenstown Central have both cooperated fully with the council to remedy the issue and approval for remedial work to begin was granted on September 21.

Grant Thomas, Dominion’s South Island construction boss, claimed this week that delays to the store opening were “solely related to weather and not as a result of the Notice to Fix”.

Shaw says the council has engaged its own independent engineering advice and has been closely monitoring the remedial engineering design and work on the site since the Notice was issued.

“QLDC is confident that once these works are completed and approved that the building will be compliant and therefore safe for the public and the businesses operating from those premises.”

The $100 million first stage of the project includes about 10,000sqm of shopping space spread across four buildings and about 4000 sqm of office space.

The project will house about 45 tenants in total.