Parker bites back at Collins


Environment Minister David Parker pooh-poohs National MP Judith Collins’ promise to overhaul the Resource Management Act to reduce costs and speed up the planning process.

“They had nine years [in power] and they didn’t fix it.”

Collins, in Queenstown last week, also told make up “a big chunk” of section and house prices.

Parker responds: “Yes, there are problems with the RMA, but it’s wrong to blame New Zealand’s housing crisis on the RMA – in truth, we haven’t built enough affordable homes.”

His Labour-led government’s doing “a number of things” like setting up an urban development authority to fast-track housing and urban development projects.

He argues “it’s silly that a district plan cannot be made within the life of a council”.

“On the other hand, everyone complains about the RMA until there’s a 20-storey building in front of them, blocking their view, and then they want a right to participate.”