Open door: Happiness House staff Robyn Francis, left, and Corey Sinteur are "well stocked" to support those in need as the effects of Covid-19 hit the region


Local community centres are set to hit the frontline in Queenstown’s response to the Covid-19 crisis.

Happiness House, Wakatipu’s only community drop-in centre, has seen an increase in inquiries in the wake of the outbreak, manager Robyn Francis says.

They’re “as well stocked as we can be”.

“We’ve already seen people contacting us through our website to say they’re going through a really difficult time.

“Their hours have been reduced and they’re asking if we can help them.”

Francis says her Park Street support centre will be assisting people with food and produce.

“I’m particularly concerned for the short-term visitors here, people on visas and people who might be stranded who haven’t planned for this event. We need to be there for them now.”

Queenstown Salvation Army corps officer Andrew Wilson says his organisation’s prepared to support locals through any self-isolation period or other difficulties, as is Central Lakes Family Services.

Manager Tina Mongston says it’s a “moving platform” and they’re bracing to be inundated.

“What we’re saying today might be different in two days’ time.”