Adventurous spirit: An image from Destination Queenstown's new brand video

Queenstown’s tourism promotion organisation’s repositioning the resort as ‘the home of adventure’.

In a rebranding exercise culminating with a free event on Coronet Peak next month, Destination Queenstown’s using the new tag-line to celebrate our unique identity, our world-leading role in adventure tourism and the transformative power of adventure.

It replaces the tag-line ‘feel the inspiration’.

DQ’s brand and marketing boss Diana Mendes says the resort’s adventure focus has taken a promotional back seat while our offering has diversified.

Adventure had also tended to be interlinked with adrenalin.

“But they mean different things,” Mendes says.

“Adventure is actually exploration, going beyond and discovering, and that means different things to different people.

“If you’re a rock climber, adventure might be climbing without ropes, but if you’re afraid of heights, adventure might just be taking a hike or going on a gondola or a chairlift or cruising on the lake.”

Mendes says it’s about luring visitors to Queenstown, initially through the pulling power of our landscapes, to try something new and enrich their lives.

That could be meeting new people, seeing snow for the first time, going on a hike, climbing mountains or jumping off a bridge.

DQ believes this campaign’s also a chance for locals to rekindle their pride in the resort.

“We all sometimes lose sight of how incredible this place is.”

Mendes says it’s also a chance to celebrate our pioneering role in adventure tourism with world firsts, for example, like commercial bungy jumping, jetboating and riversurfing.

To celebrate all this, DQ’s launching its “brand evolution” with a ‘Queenstown Adventure Festival’ on Coronet Peak on March 19.

In the lead-up week, various businesses will offer ‘locals’ deals’ as part of ‘adventure week’.