Name stoush settled


A developer’s changed the name of his Queenstown apartment project to avoid clashing with a local motel.

Tony Gapes, who developed Frankton’s Five Mile shopping complex, launched his 44-unit ‘Alexis’ development, on the Gorge Road/Hallenstein Street corner, over autumn.

However that riled the owner of Alexis Motor Lodge and Apartments, Eric Corson, who developed his complex on the Frankton Rd/Suburb St corner in 2002.

As a result, Christchurch-based Corson trademarked ‘Alexis’ and fired off a lawyer’s letter to Auckland-based Gapes, who’s now amended his development’s name to ‘The Alex’.

Corson says despite having to employ a lawyer – “never a cheap exercise” – he’s happy.

“[Gapes] agreed, after dis-cussion, to change the name to something that he wanted, and we agreed to the name he decided to go with.”

Gapes is happy, too: “It was either spend a whole lot on legal fees, or change the name, so it was a whole lot easier and cheaper just to change the name.”

He says he wouldn’t have used ‘Alexis’ if he’d known it was already in use.

“To be fair, we ran the name past several people in Queenstown and they didn’t make any comment on it.

“No one raised it with us until a lawyer for the Alexis motel got in touch with us.”

Gapes says he’s using the rename, and the fact he’s now got his resource consent, as an excuse to ramp up his marketing.

He says about 40 per cent of the units have sold so far.

Six or seven retail units will also be built – they’re likely to include a cafe and a laundry.

Gapes says enabling works will start next month, and the $15 million build should be completed by Christmas next year.