First podium: Jim Boult, left, and Clark 'Scotty' Scott placed third in their class in the latter's Honda Integra Type R. PICTURE: UP STUDIOS QUEENSTOWN


Queenstown mayor Jim Boult was among four local racing drivers who enjoyed spectacular success at the New Zealand endurance champs last weekend.

Racing at Cromwell’s Highlands Motorsport Park, local Barry Moore and Dunedin co-driver Tim Mackersy won Class B of the three-hour champs for the third time in their Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR.

Also in Class B, Marcus Barnett finished third in the one-hour champs in his factory-built Seat Leon Supercopa, formerly owned by Moore.

And Boult and his local co-driver Clark ‘Scotty’ Scott had their first podium finish at the nationals, placing third in the one-hour champs in the up-to-2 litre class in the latter’s Honda Integra Type R.

Moore and fellow M Developments mechanics also crewed for Boult and Scott.

Moore puts his and Mackersy’s success down to ‘‘getting older, a bit of experience, maybe’’.

‘‘Tim and I have raced together for four or five years and we’re just a really good partnership.

‘‘We’ve worked out how to be quick but consistent and not take too many chances.

Trifecta: Tim Mackersy, left, and Barry Moore, in their Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR, won a national B Class title for the third time last weekend. PICTURE: UP STUDIOS QUEENSTOWN

‘‘We also have a really good team behind us, a bunch of guys who are builders, surveyors, lawyers, mechanics, you name it.

‘‘We all come together and work well together.’’

Amazingly, Barnett was sole driver in his race.

‘‘It’s pretty tough, you lose a few kgs, I hope.’’

Meanwhile, Scott says he and Boult are thrilled to podium at nationals after three seasons racing together.

He recalls chatting to Boult at a function on Queenstown’s TSS Earnslaw steamship two years ago.

‘‘Jim mentioned the one thing in life he was missing was racing cars.

‘‘I thought about this for two seconds and said, ‘well, I’ve just entered the South Island endurance series, how about doing it with me because I’ve got no idea what the hell I’m doing?’

‘‘So for the last three years I’ve been an apprentice to Mr Boult.’’

Scott suggests they were probably also the oldest drivers in the race — he’s 55 and Boult’s 69.

Moore says he’s rapt for them.

‘‘They’ve had a pretty hard couple of seasons, a couple of gearbox dramas.

‘‘And Scotty had an engine drama last Wednesday— me and the boys swapped his engine on Thursday.

‘‘They certainly don’t look old when they’re out there driving.

‘‘They look a bit old when they get out of the car, to be fair, but when they’re in it they’re pretty fast old buggers.’’