Mayor mum on parking probe


Queenstown’s mayor is clamping down on a stoush over mobility parking in the resort’s CBD.

Wakatipu Access Group member Anna Jameson wrote to the council last week to complain about a council staffer allegedly using a mobility carpark on Beach Street to park all day while at work.

Jameson says it highlights the need for Queenstown’s council to “walk the talk” when it comes to mobility parking.

“I am deeply frustrated that the council cannot support one of their disabled staff members find suitable parking so she does not have to use the public mobility parks to park her vehicle while she goes to work for the council.”

The park is directly outside the entrance to the Mountain Lakes Medical centre, where Jameson works.

Last week Mayor Jim Boult said he’d asked council staff for a report on the issue.

But when contacted this week, Boult declined to discuss the report, whether it’d been completed, and what, if any, recomm-endations were made as result.

“I will not discuss the individual circumstances of a staff member and where they work as this is irrelevant to the core issue raised by Ms Jameson.”

He says Jameson has previously raised concerns with the council and those have been heard.

“Increasing the number of mobility spaces and revising rules around how they are used will be considered as part of a parking strategy expected to be completed by the end of the year.

“This is not something that will change overnight as it relates to our district bylaws and these are reviewed and updated via special consultative procedure that is a process that allows sufficient consideration and public consultation to important matters such as this.”