High profile: The former Walker family property on Ladies Mile

A former home on Ladies Mile, snapped up by Queenstown’s council earlier this year, will be used at least initially as a hub for community groups.

Mayor Jim Boult says the plan’s still a “work in progress” and there’s no clear timeline on it just yet, but the council’s planning on opening the doors to the five-bedroom home, formerly owned by the Walker family, to help various community groups who’ve found it hard to find their own space.

“We haven’t landed on who may utilise it yet, but we’re very conscious of the various community groups who find it difficult to find a home.

“There’s a substantial house there – while we’ve bought the property, primarily, for recreational use, for the grounds, we are conscious of the fact that the house is there and it would be good to use it for something purposeful in the meantime.”

City Hall confirmed the purchase of the 14.6-hectare site, on the corner of State Highway 6 and Howards Drive, back in April.

It funded the $13.78 million purchase price through loan-funding.

The 440 square metre, copper-roofed house also has 320sqm of vehicle/aircraft garaging and an in-ground swimming pool.

Boult says there’d be a “fair element of sharing space” for whichever groups move in, in time.

Meantime, he says, the overall plan for the land is still being worked through, while recreational space, particularly sportsgrounds, are in the mix, a park-and-ride option is also still floating as an option.

“It’s a big property; it’s probable that we can use it for lots of different things.”