Housing demand as resort booms


The Queenstown Lakes district will need another 17,000 houses if it is to accommodate the projected growth in its population over the next 30 years.

That is 11 times the number of houses sited in Wanaka’s new 222ha Northlake subdivision.

The Queenstown Lakes District Council released its calculations on expected population and visitor growth yesterday.

The total number of houses in the district is 20,840 and the council expects that to rise to 28,500 by 2028, 33,290 by 2038 and 37,770 by 2048.

The council is also predicting total visitor numbers to the district on an average day – now 24,860 – to rise to 39,040 by 2048, at a rate of an extra 1.5% per year.

The total visitor numbers on a peak day are expected to rise from 79,300 to 126,370 in 2048.

Chief executive Mike Theelen said the figures reflected the challenges facing the district ”more clearly than previous numbers.

”It’s easy to see the demand that this places on the services and infrastructure council and other agencies provide.

”It certainly underpins council’s recent decision to instigate the visitor levy referendum and our case to central government for alternative and innovative funding mechanisms.”

The Queenstown ward’s population is expected to grow by 2.1% annually to reach 50,100 by 2048, driven by growth at Jacks Point – 7.6% in residents and 7.4% in houses – and at Frankton and Kingston South.

Total visitors in the Queenstown ward on an average day would rise from 16,920 to 27,230 in 2048 and on a peak day from 44,850 to 73,950.

The population of the Wanaka ward is expected to almost double, from 12,320 residents now to 24,300 in 2048, and the number of houses to rise from 7780 to 14,660.

The total visitors on an average day would rise from 5550 to 7960, and on a peak day from 25,720 to 37,460.

-Otago Daily Times