Eichardt’s festival ‘paint’ job


ONE of Queenstown’s most historic buildings is set to become a giant canvas for Winter Festival.

Three hand-picked artists will ‘paint’ the facade of the 151-year-old Eichardt’s building, in Marine Parade, using an interactive projector.

New Zealand’s leading landscape artist Tim Wilson, whose work’s held in collections all over the world, will be the first artist to put his imprint on the building, next Thursday night.

Then, on Friday, Australian street artist Steen Jones, owner of the Few and Far Collective, will be let loose on the projector, ‘painting’ live.

The final night of the display will feature up-and-coming Queenstown watercolour illustrator Karla Ruas.

And locals and visitors will get a chance to have their work in the spotlight too.

Line drawings of the building were distributed this week and will be available at the festival info hubs across town, as well as in sponsoring hotels.

Anyone can create their masterpiece on the drawings, then hold it under the projector and have their images flashed on to Eichardt’s.

Destination Queenstown marketing whizz Diana Mendes says the idea – a collab between DQ, local AV maestro Tom Lynch and the Queenstown Winter Festival – was to do something special to bring visitors and locals together.

“It was really important, because we wanted to celebrate diversity, we really wanted three completely different artists,” Mendes says.

“The whole concept was to invite people to put their mark on this iconic Queenstown building.

“It’s a way of, even for a few seconds, to claim Queenstown, to put your mark on it and make your impression.”

When locals’ art’s displayed, Mendes says they can snap a pic of it to keep and share it on social media.

But those who drew the short straw in the artistic talent department won’t be left out.

A second projector’s being set up in front of the new Eichardt’s building, redeveloped by Skyline.

People can step in front of a selfie-station, have their photo taken and then beamed up on to the new building.

The interactive projections run from 6pm till 9pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.