If there’s a word that sums up what’s important right now, that’s it.

We’re in this together, and as a publishing media group, Allied Press remains committed to delivering your community local news and information.

As we enter uncertain times in the days and weeks ahead, today will be the last printed publication of Mountain Scene for four weeks.

But, we’re still going to be here, working for you.

And, as always, we still want you to keep those emails coming with news tips … or just to say ‘hi’.

You’ll still be able to get your news and information in print in the Otago Daily Times and online – visit and

We’ve also got our social media team poised and ready to pounce, so please keep an eye on Scene and ODT‘s Facebook pages.

This decision to temporarily halt publication of hasn’t been taken lightly – it applies to almost all Allied Press community publications.

The temporary halt will be constantly reviewed.

We apologise for the interruption to your ‘free voice of Queenstown’ – Covid-19 is like nothing we’ve ever faced.

But, we want to reiterate our long-term commitment to you as we enter unprecedented territory.

As you stay safe in your homes now, more than ever, Allied Press will be your window to the world outside.

We will get through this, Queenstown.

Tracey Roxburgh

Mountain Scene editor