Campaign teeing off: An ad from DQ's upcoming spring/summer domestic campaign


With international borders shut, Queenstown’s tourism promo organisation’s this Sunday launching its biggest-ever push for Kiwi visitors.

Destination Queenstown’s running a 10-week spring/summer domestic campaign that includes prime-time TV ads and big billboards in Auckland,
Wellington and Christchurch.

It’s being part-funded from the government’s strategic tourism assets protection programme.

A digital media campaign will also drive traffic to DQ’s website, where member businesses are listing special deals.

The campaign uses DQ’s new ‘home of adventure’ tag-line and brand video which were to be launched in March before the Covid lockdown.

Under that umbrella, the campaign also has five ‘pillars’ aimed at benefiting a wide range of businesses — biking, adrenalin, hiking, golf and family

DQ’s brand and marketing boss Diana Mendes says ‘‘we know that domestically we’re very well positioned as a winter destination, but we knew we had a big challenge supporting the community throughout spring
and summer’’.

‘‘We don’t want Aucklanders, for example, who came in winter, to decide to only come back next winter.

“We need to give Kiwis repeated reasons to visit.’’

Mendes accepts DQ’s got a much smaller pool of would-be visitors to appeal to.

‘‘At the same time, they can’t really travel overseas, so there’s a captive audience.

‘‘But we need to give them really good reasons to choose us because every other destination has more money from the government and they’re fighting
for the same people.’’

She says DQ will be telling Kiwis ‘‘this is the summer to experience Queenstown’’.

‘‘You can really enjoy all of those bucket-list, incredible, iconic things people travel the whole world to enjoy.’’