Delta cams deter dumpers


CCTV cameras installed at Queenstown’s Shotover Delta to deter dodgy rubbish dumpers appear to be doing the trick.

Concerns were raised by frequent visitor Karyn Duncan, who called the illegal dumping of cars, TVs, and household rubbish “disgusting”.

In response, the council announced it would install CCTV cameras and signage at the site.

About a month down the track, council comms advisor Rebecca Pitts says nobody’s been caught on camera dumping illegally.

“We’re hopeful that the CCTV cameras will continue getting people to stop and think before dumping illegally at Shotover Delta.

“We’ll also soon be putting up more signage in the area to warn illegal dumpers they’re on camera.”

The council had also removed a couple of burnt-out cars from the delta.

At the time, Duncan told dumping had been a regular occurrence for a long time.

“I don’t know what’s in people’s heads that they think they can just come down here when it’s an area that’s used frequently.

“It’s quite despicable.”

Earlier this year, Scene reported illegal dumping cost ratepayers $6300 between July 2017 and April this year.

Two people were pinged with fines during that period, at $400 a pop.