Creating magic with pen and paper


It started as a love story, and developed into a successful creative partnership. Visiting artist Kate Agnelli talks to Daisy Hudson about how she and husband Luigi bring their creations to life.

It’s not every day your work gets shown to the Pope.

But for visiting artists Luigi and Kate Agnelli, it’s just another chapter in a pretty amazing story.

The talented couple are spending the summer exhibiting their work, and creating new pieces, at Lakes District Museum.

Kate says their intricate, collaborative drawings always tell a story – but the pair’s own background is just as fascinating.

Kate was working as an archaeologist, while Luigi, a trained lawyer, was working as a skipper.

“About 10 years ago I met Luigi in Arezzo, which is a town in Tuscany, and he was drawing, and one day I said ‘I’ll have a go at this’, and started drawing on the side of his drawing, and it all really started from there,” Kate says.

“We started really slowly, at that time we had other jobs, but we started to show people our work and they liked what we were doing, and we started thinking ‘why not, why not do this as our work?’.”

She calls their meeting a work of fate.

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