Couple creaming dairy-free niche


A Queenstown couple are thrilled with the popularity of their dairy-free ice cream truck.

Vegans Hana and Sam Deavoll rolled out their mobile ice creamery late last summer – ironically, by renovating a run-down old Mr Whippy van.

They park their truck at the weekly Remarkables and Arrowtown markets, and at events, including weddings – the New Zealand Open golf tournament, in March, was their biggest weekend.

The couple say they were frustrated that their family, including their four vegan children, couldn’t find dairy-free treats at events and market days.

They’ve dubbed their wheels, thought to be the first vegan ice cream truck in NZ, the ‘Mr Whippy alternative’.

“We’re busting the myth that healthy or plant-based food is bland,” Hana says.

“Our entire range is completely dairy-free and com-pletely delicious.”

Instead of cow’s milk ice cream, they make their range from a base of either coconut, soy, sorbet or fruit.

“They are also free from all the hormones, antibiotics and high fat levels that you would find in cow’s milk ice cream.”

The couple believe the Netflix documentary, The Game Changers, is creating a new wave of plant-based and health-conscious consumers.

“There’s a growing movement that wants to see a kinder, healthier and more environmentally-friendly future.

“This means drawing attention to the impact of dairy farming, from the treatment of bobby calves to polluted waterways and greenhouse gas emissions.”