Council heads off apartment bin ‘chaos’


A Queenstown developer is rubbishing the resort’s new three bins-based collection regime.

Jay Mather claims it will cause chaos for apartment complexes, however the council says it’s already heeding his warning.

This week it started delivering three bins per household through Glenorchy and Kingston – Wakatipu deliveries follow mid-next month.

Once the new service starts July 1, residents will put out two bins each week, with the two recycling bins collected on alternate weeks.

Apartment developer Mather says the new service will be “an epic disaster” for complexes like his.

He has 39 units at the top of Marina Drive. He believes there’ll be “chaos” as the trucks try to empty the bins, especially if people forget the schedule and put all three out.

Council comms advisor Rebecca Pitts says: “We recognise that for some multi-unit developments (MUDs), dealing with storage and collection of three standard bins per eligible property will not be possible due to space restrictions. Over the next week, letters will be sent to properties identified as MUDs to offer them an opportunity to discuss bespoke options, or opt out of the service if an alternative option is not possible.”

The council has flagged the new service, which is contributing to a rates increase, as a major step forward in the community’s journey towards a zero-waste future.