BREAKING: Ladies Mile SHAs declined


Queenstown’s councillors have drawn a line in the sand over development on Ladies Mile, and sent a strong message to the NZ Transport Agency, over concerns about traffic and transport infrastructure.

Councillors voted to decline three Special Housing Area (SHA) proposals for the area at their council meeting today.

The vote to decline the controversial Laurel Hills SHA was unanimous, while the vote on the two adjacent SHAs on the northern side of Ladies Mile was split- four in favour of the proposal, six against.

Those in favour were councillors Quentin Smith, John MacDonald, Penny Clark, and Alexa Forbes.

One SHA did manage to get the green light.

The 600-house Coneburn development near Jack’s Point was approved unanimously.

The proposals, and particularly those located along Ladies Mile, have generated strong opposition from the public. The council received hundreds of submissions on the proposals
during public consultation, which were overwhelmingly negative.

It was standing room only at the meeting today, as people packed into the public gallery.

Mayor Jim Boult attempted to light a fire under NZTA, saying he was ”strongly of the opinion that NZTA have dropped the ball completely” in regards to addressing traffic issues on Ladies Mile.

He believed the council could not approve any further development on Ladies Mile until they were addressed.

He called a lack of input from NZTA ”disappointing”.

Addressing developers in the room, he said their proposals were ”fair and reasonable”, and he did not believe the council was opposed to development at Ladies Mile in the future.