Agency to build flagship HQ

New location: BayleysLocations' proposed head office on the Frankton Flats

Queenstown’s largest real estate agency is getting into the property business.

BayleysLocations has lodged a resource consent application to build a $5.5 million, two-level “flagship” office at Frankton.

Near State Highway 6, it will be on the northwest corner of the intersection of Hawthorne Drive – the eastern arterial road – and Main Street.

The company currently operates from Shotover Street, in the Queenstown CBD, with a sub-branch at Frankton Village.

The Hawthorne Dr building will become its head office.

However it will retain Shotover St as a satellite office, while vacating Frankton Village.

“We want to be where the houses are going up,” says big boss David Gubb, pointing to the likes of Jack’s Point, Hanley’s Farm, the proposed Homestead Bay and Bridesdale Farm.

“We also think Frankton Flats is going to fill up possibly a lot quicker than people realise.”

Hawthorne Dr’s ground floor will be a generous 501 square metres, allowing for client meeting rooms, auction rooms and offices.

“The modern real estate office is a different beast from what it used to be,” Gubb says.

The 491sq m first floor will be leased out to one or two tenants.

According to the consent application, the building’s design is a blend between the industrial zone to the east and the high-density residential and commercial zone to the west.

It’s been designed by Auckland-based Ignite Architects, which has also designed a terraced housing complex, Remarkables Residences, to be developed nearby.

Wire trellising allows vines to grow up the building, while there’ll be five flowering cherry trees out front. There’s also provision for 31 carparks.

Gubb expects the building – constructed by Queenstown’s Triple Star – will be completed in the first quarter of next year.

BayleysLocations, formed from the merger of Queenstown’s Bayleys franchise and Locations Realty, will be rebranded ‘Bayleys’ over the next two months.