*555 caller fronts up


A Queenstowner who dobbed in former Dunedin mayor Dame Sukhi Turner on the Crown Range Road is convinced she was driving hazardously.

Mountain Scene last week reported she and her husband, former New Zealand cricketer Glenn Turner, blasted local police for their handling of an anonymous driver’s *555 complaint about her driving.

The case, settled five months later by Sukhi reluctantly accepting diversion to put the case behind her, was “a drawn-out inconvenient piece of police incompetence”, Glenn alleged.

Quoting from her defence statement, Sukhi vehemently denied accusations she’d crossed the centre-line 30 times or been on the wrong side on a blind corner as a vehicle headed towards her.

Responding to the article, Queenstowner Kevin Hey reveals he was the anonymous complainant.

Driving behind her vehicle, back in February, he alleges that soon after turning on to the Crown Range Rd, Wanaka-bound Sukhi “crossed the centre-line when there was an approaching vehicle, and the driver in that vehicle raised his hands as if to say, ‘what are you doing on my side of the road, bloody hell”‘.

Hey, who’d reported a worse driver about two weeks earlier, says he followed Sukhi as she crossed the centre-line 20 to 30 times, sometimes on blind corners, before calling *555.

Batting for his wife: Glenn Turner

She wasn’t crossing the centre-line by a significant amount, he admits.

“I just felt the driver was a little bit oblivious to [her] positioning on the road.”

Hey then passed Sukhi when she stopped at the Cardrona Hotel.

She was stopped by police soon after resuming her journey.

He says he didn’t want to cause Sukhi “any great distress”, but doesn’t regret dobbing her in if it causes her to reconsider her driving.

Currently in her native India, Sukhi’s out of contact this week.

Glenn, however, says their issue was never about the complainant.

“It’s been about how the police have handled it, and therefore I don’t understand why he’s come forward.

“We deliberately didn’t use his name, and you’ve got to ask yourself what his motive is.”

Glenn adds that his wife’s driving record – 43 blemish-free years in New Zealand – “speaks for itself”.