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Two Shotover Jet boats in ‘incident’

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Thrill ride: Queenstown's Shotover Jet
Shotover Jet’s owner has revealed a near miss on Queenstown's Shotover River last August involved two jetboats under its control. 

The incident was discussed by a Queenstown Lakes District Council committee this week.
John Thorburn, chief executive of Shotover Jet owner Ngai Tahu Tourism, says in a statement to Mountain Scene the incident involved a boat on a commercial trip and another under testing by maintenance staff. 

“It was agreed between the drivers [who were in radio contact] that the boat being maintenance tested would turn around at a specified point and head back upriver,” Thorburn says.

“The two boats ended up within sight of one another as this was happening and immediately stopped without incident.” 

Thorburn says a root cause investigation identified possible improvements to Shotover Jet’s safe operating plan.
These have been accepted by the council, he adds. Shotover Jet operates under a council concession.

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