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Gong-athon for local cinema

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Movie magic: Reading Cinemas Queenstown manager Rebekah Moore
Staff at Queenstown’s Reading Cinemas are celebrating after winning three prestigious company awards.

At the Australasian Reading Cinemas Awards recently, the local movie theatre won the Mystery Shopper Award for customer service, the Concessions Management award for excellence in stock control management and the Promotional Activity Awards for success in local area marketing.

Cinema manager Rebekah Moore says: “It’s a real uplift for the team.”

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Slow. News. Day.

45 likes? Really?!
26 Apr 2012 08:14AM kernow
An internal award for "excellence in stock control management"? Are you serious MS? This hardly qualifies as news.
25 Apr 2012 06:34PM Moran
Congrats guys!
Well done Beks and team. Great to see our little cinema can cut it with the best in Australasia!
20 Apr 2012 03:02PM nicole
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